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We are an independent and certified accounting firm in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, located in the city of Jundiai (50km from Sao Paulo Capital/50minutes driving).  We are duly licensed in Brazilian Accounting Council (CRC-SP). We are well prepared to render good outsourced accounting services to any Company.  We comply with the Brazilian Tax and Civil Laws, as well as we are committed to be up to date to new released regulations. Our specialized accounting team is committed to deliver good results timely. We speak Portuguese, English and Spanish fluently. Further, we assist Companies to on board in Brazil, as well as to setup and run its intended operation. We partnership with excellence local professionals in other areas as like lawers, engineers, consultants, headhunters, and other business areas.

Although big international Companies are certainly up to hire the renomed consulting firms to support them on tax, accounting, financial and business matters, other small and medium entities are not willing to spend ilimited budget with those brandly consultants, and there it is where comes us – Vitiello Contábil – as a second option budget suitable for outsourcing. Contact us on the email or phone for a visit or a conference call at any global timezone.

Contact details:

Vitiello Contábil

Pedro Henrique Vitiello – Chief Accountant

557 Petronilha Antunes, Jundiai, SP, Brazil, 13.201-080

+55 11 4521-7261  |  +55 11 4521-0444

Call now +55 11 4521-7261



Our Location

Jundiaí, SP, Brazil

The city of Jundiaí has become a competitive and selected location to a vast number of domestic and international Companies´ distribution centres due to its route networks and highway connections to the big Brazilian consumer market centres and cities, such as Campinas (30km away/30minutes driving), São Paulo Capital (50km away/50minutes driving) and Santos (130km away/2hours driving), as well as to those Companies intended to export goods globally from brazilian biggest port, Port of Santos (120km from Port of Santos).  The main form of transportation in Brazil is Road Transportation, not only for personal purposes, but also commercially, so there is a high importance to be well located nearby to highways. Examples of highways nearby Jundiai are: Rodovia dos Bandeirantes, Rodovia Anhanguera, Rodoanel, Rodovia Dom Pedro I, Rodovia Fernao Dias, Rodovia Dutra, Rodovia Imigrantes e Anchieta, as many others.  Jundiai is also too close to the main brazilian international and commercial centre Airports, such as Guarulhos (GRU, 80km/1hour driving) and Viracopos (VCP, 39km/30minutes driving). The following states several economic data for Jundiai, SP:

General MetricsYearCityRegionState
Area (In km2)2016431,171.738,49248.222,36
Population (Estimated by IBGE/Seade)2015391.040874.98243.046.555
Demographic Density (Population/km2)2015906,84503,3173,42
Geometric Rate of Annual Population Growth – 2010/2012 (In % y.y)20151,131,540,87
Degree of urbanization (Em %)201496,3894,496,21
Temperature (AvG)
Frontier cities:
North: Vinhedo, Itatiba e Louveira
East: Campo Limpo Paulista, Jarinu e Várzea Paulista
West: Cabreúva e Itupeva
South:Cajamar, Franco da Rocha e Pirapora do Bom Jesus
Distance from:KM
Viracopos Airport (Campinas)30 km
Congonhas Airport (São Paulo)55 km
Cumbica Airport (Guarulhos)80 km
Port of Santos130 km
City Airport
Jundiaí State Airport (executive aviation)
Urban Infrastructure:YearCityRegionState
Garbage Collection – Attendance Level (In%)201099,5399,8299,66
Water Supply – Attendance Level (In%)201097,8294,7597,91
Share of State Exports (In%)20141,064712,04713100
Share of Agriculture in Total Value Added (%)20130,311,291,87
Industry Share of Total Value Added (%)201327,0830,3522,89
Share of Services in Total Added Value (In%)201372,6168,3675,24
GDP (In millions of reais)201336.622,9068.887,471.708.221,39
GDP per Capita (In current reais)201392.970,3976.468,6539.122,26
Share of State GDP (%)20132,143923,79854100
GDP Municipality – Position in the State2013
GDP Municipality – Position in Southeast Region201310ª
GDP Municipality – Position in Brazil201318ª


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